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List of Documents


The following is a list of the books and articles (aside from blog posts) available on this website. Direct links are included for external referencing.

The Economics of Needs and Limits : Updated book in PDF format (August 2018) – FREE download. This is my full presentation of ENL.

A Strategy for Ecological Survival: Outlines my previous ecological strategy.  This is currently being superseded based on my recent recognition that, to salvage the biosphere, geoengineering will be required in addition to reduced ecological impact.

Bullshit Detector: Offers refutations for twenty of the most common deceptions and manipulations encountered by the environmentally concerned.

The Ruling Class and the Ecological Crisis: Currently the most detailed description of my previous strategic approach.

A Political Primer: The key concepts for understanding the political structure of a capitalist society. Also discussed are the political underpinnings of progressivism and modern conservatism, and the strategic implications of the ideas presented.

A Brief Intellectual History: A synopsis of the 25-year thought process that resulted in the concepts presented on this site.

Why I’m No Longer a Progressive: Explains why I terminated my long-term association with progressivism. This occurred in November, 2014 after reading Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything.

Annotated Bibliography: A lengthy document from 2003 that addresses the 41 books that had the greatest influence on me during my development of the Economics of Needs and Limits (ENL). Included are numerous quotes and my occasional comments.

Key Economic Concepts of Karl Marx: Outlines Marx’s core economic concepts regarding the structure of a capitalist economy.

Life, Biology, and Capitalism: Provides my answer to the venerable “What is Life?” question, urges that standard biology be replaced by vital biology, and suggests that standard biology was corrupted by political pressures resulting from the rise of capitalism.

An Introduction to ENL: An overview of the Economics of Needs and Limits (ENL), which is my conceptual framework for guiding a post-capitalist economy. The theory is fully described in the book below.

Contractionary Revolution (book in PDF format): The full presentation of my previous strategy, which mistakenly assumed that bottom-up revolutions are possible in the rich capitalist countries. Despite this strategic error, I stand by much of the remaining analysis.

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