The Deep Politics of Rational Action

In my previous post I used the ideas of deep politics to determine that the capitalist ruling class is primarily responsible for the lack of rational action on the ecological crisis.  Such action would include immediate solar radiation management (SRM), rapid reductions in greenhouse gas concentrations, and the transition from economic expansion to contraction.  In this post I again use these ideas, but this time to locate an alternative social group that might take the necessary steps. Continue reading

The Deep Politics of Ecological Inaction

In a recent post I proposed the following three-part response to the ecological crisis:

  1. Immediate solar radiation management in the Arctic to prevent methane releases that would sharply accelerate global warming;
  2. Rapid drawdown and aggressive mitigation of greenhouse gases to reach safe atmospheric concentrations; and,
  3. Decreased per-capita consumption, lower populations, and higher efficiencies to significantly reduce the global economy’s environmental impact.

Although these steps are necessary to solve the crisis, there is no indication they will be implemented in the time that is ecologically available. Continue reading