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I have just launched my new website:  (caps not required)

For the last few years has been used to develop my analysis and strategy for the ecological crisis. Thank you for reading and commenting on my writings – your input has been invaluable.  This work is now complete and is available at

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Nature’s Mortal Wound

Last summer I announced that I was writing a book on my strategy for ecological survival.  In preparing for this task I carefully examined the current state of the crisis we face.  I was stunned to discover that the situation is far worse than I had thought, and that some of my long-held assumptions were no longer valid.   I therefore placed the book on hold and reassessed my environmental position.   Here I summarize my key findings.  In future posts I will explore the details. Continue reading

“The Truth Doesn’t Matter”

Celia Farber is an independent American journalist who has written some ground-breaking articles on HIV/AIDS. After she was attacked in scurrilous fashion for her incisive reporting, she said in disgust that, “… what’s really scary and alarming and dangerous about our culture right now … is that it’s a culture of PR. It’s a public relations phenomenon. The truth doesn’t matter. What matters is the image.” Continue reading

The Essence of Life

What is life? This question has been posed numerous times since Charles Darwin admitted his puzzlement in The Origin of Species (1859). Amazingly, the intervening years have brought scientists no closer to a convincing answer. This is despite the fact that biology has made huge strides in understanding life processes to the molecular level. Continue reading

Deep Concerns, Profound Illusions

Photo of Frank Rotering

In this initial blog post I would like to briefly explain this website’s rationale and to identify the topics I will address in the future. Based on the disturbing environmental events of recent years, numerous people on both the political right and left have become deeply concerned about the ecological crisis. Unfortunately, these concerns are largely negated by profound illusions that skew people’s thinking and prevent them from taking effective action. Continue reading