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Over the next year or so I will post few, if any, updates to this website while I write my third book on the ecological crisis.

My first book, The Economics of Needs and Limits, proposed a conceptual framework called ENL for guiding a sustainable economy. This will be updated to its third edition once the present project is complete. My second book, Contractionary Revolution, was an initial attempt to formulate a plan of action for resolving the crisis. As indicated by the title, this plan involved revolutionary change, which I now believe is unachievable in the rich capitalist countries in the time that is ecologically available.

Mockup of Book Cover - Strategy for Ecological SurvivalThe new book, which will likely be titled A Strategy for Ecological Survival, will avoid this error. In its briefest form, the revised strategy is to instigate the transformation of society’s ruling class; this reconstituted class will then implement an economic theory such as ENL and build a sustainable economy. A point-form summary of this approach is located at the About tab. More extensive treatments can be found in two documents: A Strategy for Ecological Survival and The Ruling Class and the Ecological Crisis.

In the new book I will examine the required political and economic changes in detail. I will also discuss the re-orientation of the populace towards reduced consumption, the main features of a sustainable society, and the potential contributions of popular forces to these momentous shifts.  My aim is to soberly appraise the realities confronting our species and to identify the fateful choices that key groups and individuals must now make.

Consistent with this website’s name and intent, the book will be a bullshit-free zone. To the best of my ability, I will avoid the illusions and mystifications that have thus far prevented effective action by both the ruling class and the populace it dominates.

If you know of a publisher who might consider this book, or if you can contribute to my project in any other way, please contact me.

Frank Rotering
July, 2016

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