My Strategy for Ecological Survival

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The most remarkable fact about the ecological crisis is that, even at this perilously late hour, no-one has devised a strategy to seriously address it. On second thought, the situation is far worse than that. With our ecological survival at stake, no-one has even come to grips with the basic realities that would allow such a strategy to be formulated. This is truly humankind’s darkest hour: we are facing an existential threat, we are equipped with powerful brains and impressive knowledge, but we have no clue how to proceed. What the hell is going on?

As described on this website, what is going on is deception and illusion. The crisis requires our species to do three things: grasp the nature of the crisis itself, comprehend its economic and political contexts, and act with extreme urgency. The need for urgent action is gradually being recognized, but there has been no real progress on the other two.

With few exceptions, everyone has been hoodwinked into reducing the crisis from ecological overshoot to climate change, everyone has been persuaded to stick with capitalism when it is obvious that the system must be historically superseded, and – most significantly – everyone has been cowed by the thought police into dismissing the evidence that society is controlled by a ruling class.

It is into this maelstrom of manipulations that I throw my proposed Strategy for Ecological Survival. This is a more succinct and up-to-date version of my initial proposal, The Ruling Class and the Ecological Crisis. I ask independent thinkers to examine it, adopt or modify it, and then act heroically. Let this slogan be your guide:

Fuck the thought police! Salvage the biosphere!


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