The Youth Ecological Revolt: A Summary

Student Protesters

In late 2015 I posted three articles about the youth ecological revolt. This is a proposed movement to pressure the old and the powerful to act decisively on the ecological crisis. The three articles are: The Young have been FORSAKEN, David Suzuki’s Ecocidal Role, and The Youth Ecological Revolt. The post below is a summary statement based on these three. No permission is required for its republication, but kindly cite the author and date, and link to this website.   The old will die; the young will suffer. Over the coming decades, these will be the core human realities of… Continue reading

The Essence of Life


What is life? This question that has been posed numerous times since Charles Darwin admitted his puzzlement in The Origin of Species (1859). Amazingly, the intervening years have brought scientists no closer to a convincing answer. This is despite the fact that biology has made huge strides in understanding life processes to the molecular level. I have an intense interest in this question because life is what I am trying to preserve in my efforts to find a solution to the ecological crisis. I have therefore examined the issue in some detail and have written a document titled Life, Biology,… Continue reading

The Youth Ecological Revolt

Youth Out of the Classroom

This is the last in a series of three posts that explore the plight of the young with respect to the ecological crisis. In my first post I characterized the crisis as overshoot, which refers to the concurrent violation of multiple environmental impact limits. I said that the rational response is rapid impact reduction, which entails the drastic curtailment of economic activities and sharp increases in ecological efficiencies. I also noted that, because the old have refused to act on this basis, the quality of life for the young will soon be severely degraded, and premature deaths are a looming… Continue reading

David Suzuki’s Ecocidal Role


This post is the second in a series of three that explores how the old have abandoned the young to a grim ecological fate, and how the young might respond in order to salvage both their future and that of the biosphere. In my previous post I said that the quality of life will soon plummet due to environmental degradation, profoundly affecting the young and their children. I also stated that the old are complicit in this tragedy because they refuse to act according to their capacities and moral obligations. In this post I examine why so many of the… Continue reading

The Young have been FORSAKEN

Miguel Canete

As a young teen in the early 1960s I felt extreme anxiety as the Cold War raged between the United States and the Soviet Union. In addition to nightmares about the world being blown apart by nuclear war, I feared Vancouver’s copious rains, knowing from newspaper reports that they were radioactive due to nuclear testing by both sides. But I was lucky. John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev defied the military hawks in their respective countries and substantially eased international tensions.[1] In 1963 they signed a treaty that banned atmospheric nuclear tests. The nightmares stopped, and the last years of… Continue reading

The Economics of Food Waste

Food Waste Dumping

The Economics of Needs and Limits (ENL) is an analytical framework that is intended to guide a contractionary, post-capitalist economy. It is based on the ethical principle that all human beings, present and future, are of high and equal worth. This implies that an economy must maximize well-being and equity while preserving the environment for future generations. This post is the first in a series that describes how ENL applies in specific situations. In this series I ignore political factors in order to focus on economic thought. For an introduction to the ENL framework, see An Introduction to ENL. For… Continue reading