Dissenting Progressives: Ditch Suzuki and Klein!

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A few years ago I listened to an interview with an insightful California activist named Saba Malik. As the mother of young children she was profoundly troubled by the escalating ecological crisis. She told the interviewer that, although she was involved in permaculture and other grassroots initiatives, “… everything is going the wrong way, so whatever we’re doing isn’t working, and we don’t have much time left.” Her key assertion was that popular initiatives must be linked to broader political struggles that acknowledge the nature of capitalism and the structure of political power.[1] More recently, a regular contributor to the… Continue reading

Rational Capitalists: Free the Thinkers!

Brain Thinking

Until recently I firmly believed that bottom-up action could resolve the ecological crisis. It was therefore a shock when I realized that this view had become untenable. It is now clear to me that popular initiatives such as the environmental and progressive movements have failed to prevent the biosphere’s rapid degradation, and that they lack the potential to turn this around. If there is any hope for future generations, it lies with the world’s rational capitalists, particularly those in the richest and most ecologically destructive countries. Why are capitalists in this unique position? The answer lies with the nature of… Continue reading

The Perilous Deceit behind Emission Targets

GHG Target

In the months leading up to the UN climate change conference in Paris this December there will likely be increasing chatter about emission targets – the percentage decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that must be achieved by a specified date. The most ambitious of these may well appear to be serious attempts to address the crisis of global warming.[1] For example, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) says that, “… the world’s industrialized nations will have to reduce their emissions an average of 70 to 80 percent below 2000 levels by 2050.”[2] Although such targets sound plausible, they are… Continue reading

Deep Concerns, Profound Illusions

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In this initial blog post I would like to briefly explain this website’s rationale and to identify the topics I will address in the future. Based on the disturbing environmental events of recent years, numerous people on both the political right and left have become deeply concerned about the ecological crisis. Unfortunately, these concerns are largely negated by profound illusions that skew people’s thinking and prevent them from taking effective action. As well, few among the concerned have truly grasped the unprecedented, urgent, and existential nature of the crisis, and thus the transformative changes required to overcome it. Despite their… Continue reading